1001 Nights – Marrakech Edition

Guest post by Jasmin Isabel, from @alossastyle

Hello and mrhba, I’m Jasmin Isabel originally from Germany, after 4 years in New York City I now split my time between NYC and Germany. Travelling is my passion, exploring new places and cultures is just amazing. I visit Marrakech multiple times and just love the colorful and vibrant city. The old city is home to a thriving medina, amazing shopping and most gorgeous architecture you will find anywhere in the world.

Hotels & Riads

La Mamounia is by far my favorite Hotel in Marrakech. The architecture is just a dream, the Hotel is big, but still has a very calm and relaxed feeling, it’s an oasis in a vibrant city. The second you enter the gate you have the feeling that you are in a different world, even without a spa visit you are super relaxed afterwards. If you can’t afford a night at that magical hotel, as most of us, they also offer day passes. With that, you have access to the Pool Area, Spa, and the large garden.

Riad Be Marrakech is an interior heaven. The traditional patio at the original riad is super colorful and breathtaking. The new Riad has a clean design, very different from the original but also very beautiful. The colorful Riad is just amazing, super nice and friendly staff, cozy rooms, yummy breakfast and a great Rooftop Terence. This Riad has two pools, which is just a dream when you visit in the brutal hot, summer months. And of course, very instagramy, every corner is picture perfect. So, if you plan to stay in this Riad book as soon as possible, since its always fully booked.

Riad Yasmine is with Riad Be my favorite. They have a pink room, which is super cute. A small mosaic pool and a huge rooftop. What I love about riads is that you always have the feeling you are living alone there and it's very private and authentic.


One of many great things about Marrakech are the Rooftop Restaurants close to the Souks and Djemaa el-Fna, watching the sunset there with some amazing food is always a highlight. Most Riads offer tradition Moroccan cuisine but if you want to eat outside, there are a lot of great options. My favorites are Nomad and Café Atay. For Dinner, you should always reserve a table, especially in the summertime. Marrakech is then super busy and it’s very hard to find a table without a reservation.


If you want to escape for a while the vibrant city, I highly recommend a hammam, at the dreamy spas at Royal Mansour and La Mamounia. For both spa’s you should reserve at least a day before since the appointments are booked fast.

Must see’s

Majorelle Gardens is the beautiful garden of Yves Saint Laurent. Enjoy the deep ocean blue and bright yellow color, which makes the perfect backdrop for your pictures. Entrance is 30 DH, which is around 4 $. Try to go as early as possible and avoid that place on a Sunday, it's just too crowded then.

Ben Youssef Madrasa is the former Islamic school and the largest madrasa in Morocco. The architecture is incredible, right now it's under construction. Which means sometimes its open part-time other days its closed at all, without warning. So, if you see that they Medersa is open, go immediately. The entrance is 40 DH in combination with the Museum the Marrakech 60 DH.

Djemaa el Fna is the world-famous square where the market is and all the fresh fruit and food stalls are located. At nighttime, it gets quite busy and loud. There are only two possibilities you will love it or hate it.

Desert Tour if you are longer then 3-4 days in Marrakech, I highly recommend a desert tour, usually you sleep one night in the desert camp. Camel rides are included, it’s a one in a lifetime experience.


When you arrive in Marrakech never take a cab from the airport to your Hotel or Riad. It is a total rip off, book a shuttle in advance, usually the Hotel/Riads offer them or book it online. Trust me it’ s still much cheaper, than the cabstand at the Airport.

The Medina (old part of Marrakech) is a maze, always use your phone or take a map with you. All the people are nice and everyone wants to help you, BUT, be careful after they helped you or even when they only walk with you, they want money and some getting aggressive if you are not willing to do so. Always say right from the beginning, no thank you.

A highlight is always the colorful and crowed Souk (Marketplace) from carpet, shoes, pillows, and spices you get everything there if you are on a bucket or you just want to save money go early, at 10 or 11 am. Then the market is still empty and the salesman is willing to negotiate more, just never say yes to the first offer. Even when you pay at the end 50% from the first offer, the salesperson makes still a huge profit.