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 Meet Julia 

08 Apr 2016

Our Friend Julia 

Meet Julia — She lives in Vienna and when she’s not taking pretty pictures for Instagram (@julietta_mademoiselle), she's spending her days in the library studying for university. Julia loves Italian food, prefers cooking to baking, and her signature perfumes are Mademoiselle Coco by Chanel and J’adore by Dior. Here’s a little sneak peek of her world!


I am... a 26 year old girl living in Vienna.

I’m passionate... about fashion and all those pretty things in life!

The best thing in life right now... my boyfriend - happy together since more than 2 years <3 and of course my friends!

Some things I can’t live without are... my glasses and my contact lenses, I'm kind of blind without it haha 

My style could be describes as... simple and classy!

My notebooks are full of... photos!

I spend my days... currently most of the time at the library studying for university




Love all the books written by Jojo Moyes (despite the fact that they always make my cry)


I have way too many favourite movies to list them all, but I hate horror movies!!

Foods and Desserts?

I love Italian food. My favourite desserts are tiramisu and mousse au chocolate

Instagram filter?

I don't use the Instagram filters, I always use the app vscocam with the filter HB1 :) 


City or beach? Definitely beach, but if it's possible both

To-do lists or shopping lists? To-do lists!

Cooking or baking? Baking ❤️

Planning ahead or being spontaneous? I prefer the plan everything weeks ahead, but sometimes you have to be spontaneous 

High heels, ballet flats or trainers? It depends on the occasion, but most of the time I wear ballet flats.

Summer/Winter/Spring/Fall? Summer ☀️

Flowers or plants? Flowers because I'm not good with plants, they always die 


My dream home is... in in the countryside (but not too far away from Vienna) and looks likes one of the pretty houses in Notting Hill (I simply love the London architecture <3)!

The ultimate dream holiday would be... on a lonely island!

My biggest dream is to fly to NYC this year!

The perfect day out would be... a relaxing day in the countryside with my Love ❤️

Happiness is... a journey, not a destination! 

A quote I live by is... "Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance" - Coco Chanel


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