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 5 Instagram Accounts to Brighten Your Feed 

30 Mar 2016

Need new and inspiring people to follow on Instagram? We’ve put together a list of some of our favorites, which will instantly bring a spark of joy to your feed. 


Who is she?

Mimi Ikonn is an entrepreneur, blogger and YouTube sensation known for hair and fashion tutorials. She’s the founder of Luxy Hair and one of our top inspirations. We love her effortless and classic style, entrepreneurial spirit, and the fact that she’s successfully mixed her passions with her job — that’s a ‘Nunuco Girl’ characteristic!


Why we’re in love with her IG: 

It’s the perfect go-to for style inspiration and we love the occasional pops of color on her feed (through images of flowers, bright breakfast fruits, and colorful buildings). We also love getting a glimpse of Mimi’s beautiful apartment — and there’s great shots of London streets too!


Her other channels: &



Who is she? 

Li-Chi Pan is a South African-born, Australian-based creative blogger and Masters of Architecture graduate. Her blog is dedicated to travel and food, and she’s the queen of desserts. Her food images must be the most delicious pictures in the whole of the internet!


Why we’re in love with her IG: 

It’s probably not possible to really understand the meaning of ‘food porn’ before you’ve seen this Instagram account. We love that Li-Chi’s pictures have a minimal aesthetic, but are full of color at the same time. All of the images flow so well together and we could easily spend hours going through her inspirational travel photos and desserts that look like they’re from heaven. 


Her other channels: / Snapchat - lichipann




Who is she?

The professional blogger behind Oh Couture is Leonie Hanne. She’s from Germany, but her travel and fashion blog is full of all kinds of exotic places. We love Leone's playful style and the fact that she's multi-talented — in addition to her blog she’s a model, stylist and social media consultant.


Why we’re in love with her IG: 

In addition to loving the amount of color, we think that the Ohh Couture account has some of Instagram’s most exciting and playful pictures. You can tell that Leonie is having a blast on her adventures, which makes us both love her and envy her. Following her journey through the feed makes you almost feel like you’re there too — every moment is captured from waking up in Paris to strolling around the beach in Mexico. 


Her other channels: / Snapchat - ohhcouture




Who is she?

The Brooklyn Blonde aka Helena Glazer Hodner is a fashion industry professional turned blogger, who lives in Brooklyn. Her blog reflects her life in the City and focuses on fashion, beauty, motherhood, food, and interiors. It’s the best place to go for all things chic and sophisticated.


Why we’re in love with her IG:

Helena’s style is simple but chic, and she masters the cool New York look from head to toe. Her interior decor style is at the top of our favorites and we love getting peeks of her closet, jewelry, and other pretty little things around her home. Last but not least, all of those vibrant city captures of NYC — they make us want to book a ticket!


Her other channels: / Twitter @brooklynblonde



Who is she?

Julia Engel shares the glamorous little things in her everyday through her blog called Girl Meets Glam. She lives in San Fransisco and has a unique sense of style that reminds us of old countryside glamour mixed with modern femininity. We love that her blog covers  everything from fashion to beauty to travel to home decor, and every single post has her charming taste written all over it.


Why we’re in love with her IG:

Her charming style is one of the top reasons, but we also love seeing all of the scenic images from her road trips, her photos of pretty pastel colored houses in San Fransisco, interiors from her own home, and interiors from the beautiful rooms she stays in on her travels. 


Her other channels: / Twitter @galmeetsglam / Shapchat - galmeetsglam

We love everything to do with Instagram — it’s our number one choice of social media and we’re always looking for new beautiful accounts to follow. Tell us your favorites!