Meet Claudia Sirchia

Our Friend Claudia Sirchia

Meet Claudia Sirchia — She's a photographer and one of the people behind the On the Table Project, featuring images of delicious foods and random little objects on beautifully set tables. Her favorite book is Memoirs of a Geisha, she loves scented flowers, and one of her dreams is to be satisfied with her work. Here’s a little sneak peek of her world!


I am.. Claudia Sirchia

I’m passionate about.. everything that concerns beauty and fashion.

The best thing in life right now.. is my job as photographer!

Some things I can’t live without are.. totally my iphone and my camera. 

My style could be describes as essentials with big chunky details.

My notebooks are full of.. tasks and inspirations, photos or phrases! 

The best thing(s) I’ve bought this year are.. a planner for the whole year and a cloak! 

I spend my days.. taking care of myself. I love to eat, clean, workout..   


Blogs/Websites? I love to read Refinery29

Books? Memoirs of a Geisha, and every book of Chiara Gamberale — a lovely Italian author!

Movies? I'm a fan of La Grande Bellezza and Shutter Island (I know, totally different categories). 

Foods and Desserts? I'm addicted to pancakes and evething that has Oreo's inside!

Instagram filter? None, I use Vsco! 

Signature perfume? Ex Voto by Nove25


City or beach? It's a difficult choose! I live in a city with beaches, so i can't really say. Once in the city, I miss the sea and vice versa. 

To-do lists or shopping lists? To-do lists, just because I have too many things to do. 

Cooking or baking? Both?! I like to cook salty things (except pancakes!) and bake cakes!

Planning ahead or being spontaneous? Being spontaneous in planned things — is that a valid answer?

High heels, ballet flats or trainers? Trainers and high heels. Different shoes for different occasions!

Summer/Winter/Spring/Fall? Spring and fall, I'm totally for mid-season. 

Flowers or plants? Scented flowers! 


My dream home is in Sorrento, and looks like the perfect Italian villa. I love luminous houses with white wood furniture. 

The ultimate dream holiday would be... Thailand! 

My biggest dream is… having a big family and being satisfied with my work. 

The perfect day out would be... a walk in a relaxing place, good food, good company, a little bit of shopping and maybe a show at the theater or a film at the cinema!

Happiness is… an hug by my loved one. 

A quote I live by is… "Trust the Process"

If you could design a products what would it be and what would it look like? 

I'm not so good in designing things, but I would like an Instagram planner. Does that make sense? .. Like an album to put photos and memories about specific moments, with spaces to write details about the editing and the photoshoot places!


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