New York City Scenes With Melissa Male

New York City Scenes With Melissa Male

New York, New York, we’re always dreaming about New York. After a recent talk with New Yorker Melissa Male, the city is on our minds more than ever before. Here’s NYC through her eyes:

"New York City is somewhere that people go to chase their dreams and look for inspiration. In NYC, you’ll find art around every corner and an incredible amount of people trying to capture it. They say it’s the city that never sleeps, and that couldn’t be a truer statement. The constant hustle and bustle of New Yorkers is what makes the city feel so alive."

New York is of course known for its fashion scene. I find it truly amazing how many different types of people inhabit NYC. Everyone seems to have his or her own unique style and personality, and it translates in how they dress. Sometimes it’s fun to grab the window seat in a cafe and just people watch for a bit.


Skyscrapers are something that NYC is famous for, The Empire State Building in particular. I often enjoy finding places to eat or spend time with friends that feature beautiful views of the city. Manhattan’s cityscape is absolutely breathtaking at all hours of the day and night, so I’m sure to take advantage of rooftop bars when the weather is warm. 


Something I really love to do is discover new coffee shops all throughout NYC. I have a few favorites in SoHo and the West Village where I love to meet up with friends, old and new. New shops seem to be popping up all over the city, so that’s been keeping me very busy as of late!


NYC is full of magical hidden alleyways and adorable side streets. It’s impossible to become bored walking around and just exploring. The thing about New York City is that it’s always the perfect place for an adventure, even if you didn’t intend on setting out on one.