Meet Anna Attlid

Our Friend Anna 

Meet Anna - She lives in Sweden and spends her days working as a photogtrapher, cuddling her cats, and daydreaming about the future. Anna is getting married soon and she dreams of holidaying in Greece and the Maldives. Here’s a glimpse of her world!


I am… Anna, a 22 year old Swedish cat-lover who spends a little too much time in front of a computer, working as a self-employed equine photographer and studying to be a web designer.

I’m passionate about… photography, animal rights, and food.

The best thing in life right now… is the excitement of what’s to come. I’m getting married pretty soon, so that is taking up a lot of my thoughts at the moment :)

Some things I can’t live without are… my cats, my family and good music.

My style could be describes as… casual and romantic, I think. 

My notebooks are full of… dreams. And lists, lots of lists.

The best thing I’ve bought this year is… a treadmill! It was a very random and sudden purchase, but I love running and I find myself using it more than I ever thought I would which makes me feel good about myself.

I spend my days… studying and working in front of my computer, going for walks, cuddling with my cats, watching TV and daydreaming about the future. 



I’m terrible at following blogs, but my favorite website would probably have to be YouTube. I’m really into YouTubers, vloggers and all that. Endless entertainment.


The heart eyed one!


Not gonna lie, I really enjoy anything written by John Green. Must be the inner teenager in me.


Basically everything with Jake Gyllenhaal. And also The Emperor’s New Groove (yes, the Disney one).

Foods and Desserts?

Anything chocolate, and anything garlic! Not combined, though.

Instagram filter?

I’m a VSCO user myself, but I do enjoy the occasional Aden or maybe a bit of Lark if I’m feeling crazy.

Signature perfume?

I love the Fijian Water Lotus EDT from The Body Shop, and also their Mango body mist.


City or beach? 

Beach! Especially the California coast.

To-do lists or shopping lists?

Ah, all lists are amazing. If I had to choose I think I would have to go with to-do lists. Crossing things off makes me feel so accomplished. 

Cooking or baking?

I enjoy both, depends on my mood really.

Planning ahead or being spontaneous? 

I wish I was spontaneous, and I like to think that maybe somewhere deep within I have a potentially amazing spontaneity just waiting to be used, but as of right now I would definitely have to say planning ahead. I plan every single little detail of everything (to the point where it probably gets annoying to even be around me).

High heels, ballet flats or trainers?

Flats and trainers.


Spring! I love the feeling of “the best is yet to come”.

Flowers or plants?

Gosh, do I have to pick? I don’t think I can… Ask my fiancé, he gets worried sometimes with my house plant/flower obsession :)


My dream home… is in Southern California or Sweden, and it would be a smaller house with two or three bedrooms, big windows with lots of natural light, a lush back yard and maybe even a glassed-in porch. 

The ultimate dream holiday would be.. I’d love to go to Greece (that’s where my parents met when they were on vacation a million years ago), and I also dream about going to the Maldives. 

My biggest dream is… to have the possibility to travel the world with my husband-to-be, while still having a place of our own to call home.

The perfect day out would be.. driving (or maybe hiking) to a beautiful location, and just enjoying the view with good people and good food.

Happiness is… sunshine and warm winds.

A quote I live by is: 

“I am learning every day to allow the space between where I am and where I want to be to inspire me and not terrify me.” - Tracee Ellis Ross 

If I could design a product it would be.. a notebook and it would probably feature a minimalistic/abstract cat and/or floral design in soft, pretty pastel colors. 

Horse photography by Anna Attlid; California image by Joe Cooke


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