Stuttgart: Where to go and what to see

We recently talked to Jovana (@4pologize) to get the lowdown on what to see and do in her hometown Stuttgart. Her insider tips include everything you’d want from a city break: nature, modern architecture, a little bit of history, and shopping!


"Stuttgart is a multicultural city, but still known for its typical Swabian culture. The beautiful vineyards are among the best of the city, so when you're visiting, you have to go to the Grabkapelle auf dem Württemberg. It's a burial chapel in the vineyards, with one of the most beautiful views of Stuttgart."


"For a 360° view above Stuttgart mixed with a bit of history and nature, visit the Birkenkopf. It's a mountain that was partly formed from the rubble of World War 2."


"If you're planning to go shopping, you have to go to the Königstraße —  a 1,2km long shopping street with a range of different shops, restaurants, bars and cafés."


"There, in the center of the Königstraße, you'll find the beautiful Schlossplatz, which is located right next to the state museum of Stuttgart."


"Don’t worry if you’re hit by bad weather — you can always go to the shopping mall Milaneo, which opened in 2014. You will find everything you need there! It is only one station away from the main station and easy to reach by train."



"Another main attraction in Stuttgart is the modern main library. The library was opened in 2011 and it covers a ground of 20.200m². Even if you're not a big fan of books, you'll fall in love with the architecture! It's definitely worth visiting this beautiful and unique library.”



"You also have to visit the beautiful Schloss Solitude that is surrounded by nature. It's the place where I get most inspired and where I love taking photos. “

Thanks Jovana for sharing the best of Stuttgart!