We  are super excited to introduce you the first official post of our Agenda update series! Before going into details what's coming in the 2017 version (hold on, we'll get there!), here's a little backstory for 2016:

The 2016 version was our very first yearly Agenda. We wanted to make something special (with a lot of details!) and started the designing process early. However it didn't take long until we realized we should've started earlier... There were so many details and small little things we kept adjusting (+ you can't release an Agenda where the dates are wrong, yes THAT happened). Eventually the launch was delayed by months. We had originally planned releasing the Agenda during October and we were getting more and more of e-mails asking about the release of the Agenda every day. When we finally got the finished products on our hands we arranged the photoshoot (and everything else related to a product launch) in one 15-hour session. At this point it was already the 1st of December and we were feeling we were way too late..

Oh how wrong we were. Despite such a late launch (and us being super nervous) the Agenda was a bigger hit than we ever imagined! The blue one actually sold out within 1 month!

But enough of the past it's time to think about 2017 (this time we started way way way earlier than last time! We also decided to ask you on Instagram, what would you like to see in our next version of the Nunuco Design Agenda. Below are some picks of the comments we received. Let's see if these wishes come true...

More updates coming soon! 

@minddarkness Brighter and colorfull outside (flowers) or a marbled design i love, inside is perfect! ❤️
@maddyannajane Marble design!!!
@tyylicasual A bit more room/pages for notes, and yes, marble, please!
@amitharaman Marble design, inside with more space for notes
@elen.ange More Space for Notes:)... and Maybe fruit design like strawberry, cherry or other
@_susannamaria_ Agenda: More space for notes and underlining for notes