2020 Planner Update

The 2020 planners are just around the corner

It's that time of the year again, our yearly calendar is about to drop! This years version marks our 5th planner released so far. The idea for our yearly planner started with very same principle that we started our small design studio in the first place - something we wanted didn't exist, so we decided to make it ourselves. It's all about combining fun and functionality, and this is what our planner is all about! 

The feedback over the years has been so positive, that it seems we gotta keep making these year after year (but hey, we are definitely not complaining!) The design process is always our yearly highlight, especially when so many appreciate the hard work and are waiting for the end result.

Inside the 2020 version you'll find beautiful color-coded tabs, original watercolor painted artwork, plenty of room for notes, high quality paper (with our planner you can even use a marker and it won't show through the other side of the page!), a lot of fun stickers and for the newest add-on, we added some inspirational quotes! 

For the cover, we asked you to choose your favorite. The cover option to receive the most votes was Wildflowers! Pre order will start on Saturday 1st June at 12:00 pm (EET), stay tuned!