6 apps to keep your life organized

The more organized you are, the happier you become. Alongside our agendas and notebooks, we like to stay on track and keep stress at an arms distance by using our iPhones as personal assistants. From wardrobe to health and work to social, here are our favourite go-to apps just in time to start 2017 off as the most productive year. 

Awesome Note

Awesome Note is the best all-in-one organizer and task manager. It’s perfect for making to-do lists, saving notes and keeping up with your phone’s calendar. What we most love about it (and what sets it apart from other similar apps) is its visual look: everything within the app is super customizable and there's a large variety of colors, icons, backgrounds and fonts to choose from. Staying organized is so much easier when everything looks pretty and exactly the way you want!


This is a very simple, but beautifully designed app for saving web pages and videos. Instapaper works offline, so you can read articles on-the-go, and it supports everything you want to save off the internet, including images, videos, news articles and blog posts. You can make notes within the app as well as organize your finding into different folders, but the best thing is simply having all your interesting finds all in one place.


While Bloglovin’ is the best app for following blogs, Flipboard is the best for keeping up with everything else. The app turns all of the news sites you follow into a magazine, making it super easy to always keep up on all your interests. You can discover new trending stories, share and save articles, and stay updated on what your favourite magazines are talking about. You can even sync your social accounts to Flipboard, too!


Timeglass is the perfect timing app. It has a range of relevant timers that come in handy daily, and it makes life that slightest bit easier. You can set many timers at once and run them side by side, which makes it a great app for all of the fellow multi-taskers out there. There is a library of forty pre-made timers to choose from, covering fitness, home & lifestyle, productivity, relaxation, and cooking, but you can also customize and create your own timers.


Never know what to wear to a meeting or an evening out? Stylebook eliminates the stress from getting ready and allows you plan outfits ahead. First you take pictures of all your clothes, which the app uses to create an inventory of your wardrobe, and then you can play around by mixing and matching them together. Save the combinations you love, and you’ll always have a library of cute looks to choose from.


Lifesum is your stylish best friend when it comes to fitness. The app helps you set goals, keep track of your exercises, and make sure that you’re eating the right amount of calories and getting the right nutrition. There’s even a section with great clean eating recipes and personalized tips on how to improve your health.