A glimpse into the world of Nicole Christeler

A glimpse into the world of Nicole Christeler

Living in the beautiful Switzerland, Nicole Christeler is the courageous and life loving 26-year-old behind @theworldofnicole. Her Insta feed never fails to inspire us with so many pictures of her feminine outfits and all of the amazing destinations she travels to. There’s more to her than being a flawless globetrotter, though, and we love her for her honesty and the imperfectly perfect example she sets! Here she shares some of her favourite travel destinations, tips for experiencing the best of Switzerland, and her view of living a happy life.
The best of Switzerland
1. Skiing and hiking

”Switzerland is a beautiful country to visit and offers many different options to spend a great vacation. I love skiing in the winter or hiking in summer in one of the many beautiful regions like Adelboden-Lenk, which is where I grew up.”

2. Lake Thun

”One of my favourites is spending a day on or around the lovely Lake Thun, while enjoying the view on mountains like the Eiger, Mönch and the Jungfrau. An absolutely great location to take lunch or dinner is the Eden Beach in Gunten.”

3. City destinations

”You have to experience strolling through cities like Thun, Bern or Luzern and enjoy some of the regional specialities.”

4. Hotel Villa Honegg

”The Hotel Villa Honegg is absolutely gorgeous and I love spending nights there. I especially recommended their outdoor infinity pool, which offers an incredible view.”


On her favourite destinations

”Out of the places I’ve visited, I’m definitely a huge fan of Australia and the United States. I love Australia for it’s beautiful islands and beaches as well as for the incredible variety of animals. What I love about the States are the breathtaking National Parks like Yellowstone, Grand Canyon or Archers National Park. In addition, I’m a big fan of New York City. It has so much to offer, and although I’ve been there twice, I’m far away from seeing everything.”

”There are so many places on my wish list, and I can’t decide which I would like to visit the most. Some things I’d love to do include island hopping on Hawaii, enjoying the beautiful beaches of Bora Bora or the Seychelles, seeing the breathtaking nature of New Zealand or Canada, a safari in Namibia or South Africa, city trips to places like Seattle, New Orleans, Barcelona…. and many more”

On being an influencer

”I never thought that so many people would be interested in what I’m wearing, what I’m doing or where I’m traveling, but I really like to share all those things and experience with my followers. I’m definitely not a blogger in the traditional sense, I don’t even have a web blog, but I just try to give an impression of my real life in which not everything is shown in front of a clean white background and with the perfect light.”

”I see life a little different, because of my cancer disease as a teenager. I definitely know that health is the most important thing in life — that’s the most important message I want to get across. I like to show my followers (especially the young girls) that they just have to stay healthy and fit and do what makes them happy.”