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 Glimpse into the world of Neeli - @neuroodyssey 

16 Jan 2017

Neeli, the inspiring neuroscientest behind @neuroodyssey loves photography and prefers her images without filters.  Her favorite author is Japanese Haruki Murakami and she lives in NYC, but dreams of a home on the Southern California coast. Here is a glimpse into her world!


I am.. a neuroscience PhD student living in NYC

I’m passionate about.. making a meaningful contribution to the world using my science

The best thing in life right now.. is living in NYC and being able to work in a field I am really interested in

Some things I can’t live without are.. my camera and cell phone

My style could be describes as... minimal but edgy. I love simple and clean-cut clothing, with hints of leather and metal

My notebooks are full of.. lab notes, meeting recordings and plans for photoshoots

I spend my days.. learning and researching about the brain, while staying creative in my free time


Blogs/Websites? For photography inspiration, @eggcanvas and @hannahargyle. For learning something new,

Books? Anything written by the talented Haruki Murakami

Foods and Desserts? I love breakfast foods, especially savory dishes. My favorite dessert is boba tea

Instagram filter? None! I prefer my photographs unfiltered

Scent/Taste? I love floral scents, especially jasmine and gardenia

Nunuco product? All the greeting cards, especially the adorable Pingu design


City or beach? City! There's always something going on and things to do.

To-do lists or shopping lists? To-do lists. There's not much more satisfying than making an organized list and checking off each item as it's completed.

Cooking or baking? Baking. Just like chemistry, it satisfying to follow a recipe precisely to make a perfect end product (especially if it's a tasty dessert).

Planning ahead or being spontaneous? I like to plan ahead. Whether it's a weekend adventure at home or a long trip to a new place, it is nice to have a list of things to do and places to see.

High heels, ballet flats or trainers? Flats. They are a perfect mix of classy and comfortable.

Summer/Winter/Spring/Fall? Fall. Autumn fashion and crisp air are some of my favorite things.

Flowers or plants? Flowers. They add beautiful color and texture to any room.


My dream home.. is on the Southern California coastline. It is minimal and made of lots of wood, metal and glass.

The perfect day out would be... filled with tasty food, a few good friends and warm weather.

A quote I live by is… One, remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Two, never give up work. Work gives you meaning and purpose and life is empty without it. Three, if you are lucky enough to find love, remember it is there and don't throw it away. - Stephen Hawking

If I could design a product, it would be a leather folio to hold a small tablet, notebook and my fountain pen. The cover would have simple and colorful designs, just like all Nunuco products.