Keep Calm and Enjoy the Best of Christmas with Anna from Miss Peonies

Christmas is one of the most heart-warming and magical seasons of the year, but at the same time, we all know how stressful the holidays can get. Anna from @miss_peonies shares a few of her some favorite traditions (including going to the opera and a lot of eating), along with some secrets on how to keep calm and enjoy the best of the holidays!


4 Ways to Get in the Perfect Holiday Mood

1. "For a relaxed Christmas season, I collect gift ideas for family and beloved ones all year around. It really helps me to minimize last minute gifts."

2. "Don't count calories, life is too short for that — and cookies too delicious!” 

3. "Put up a lot of decorations. It's the only season of the year when you can go crazy on glitter and everything shiny!" 

4. "Definitely visit a Christmas market after dark and enjoy the atmosphere with your friends. Here in Germany, the ones in Cologne are really nice (especially the one at the Heumarkt), and the Sternchenmarkt in Düsseldorf is very adorable as well."

Anna’s Xmas Favorites 

Song: "Driving Home for Christmas by Chris Rea. I always spend the Christmas holidays at my parents place, and especially after moving out a couple of years ago, this song really gets me excited for the upcoming days with my family." 

Movie: "We're No Angels with Humphrey Bogart, Peter Ustinov and Aldo Ray. I have a thing for old movies and this one is from 1955. The story is so heartwarming and it's a family tradition to watch it during the Christmas holidays." 

Tradition: "I decorate the tree on Christmas morning, while listening to holiday music in my pyjamas, as my parents prepare the food in the kitchen. We’ve also gone to the opera either on the second or third Christmas day since I was little."  

Food: "There’s many, and it's always something different every year." 

Treat: "Homemade cookies. They are the best!” 

Activity: "Eating. It all seems to come down to eating a lot and just calming down, after what usually appears to be a rather stressfull time period." 

Nunuco product: The new Christmas cards. I like to surprise my friends with a nice personal greeting that does not come the digital way. I'm a bit oldschool. :)