Meet Charlotte van ‘t Hoog

In addition to books and photography, Charlotte van ‘t Hoog from @booksandteacups loves macarons and the scent of lavender.
She dreams of living in a tiny English cottage surrounded by a huge garden, and NYC is at the top of her travel list. Here’s a peek into her world!


I am... Charlotte van ‘t Hoog

I’m passionate about... books, writing and everything with photography!

The best thing in life right now... are definitely books and my camera.

Some things I can’t live without are... my camera and my iPhone!

My style could be described as... everything white and minimalism.

My notebooks are full of... inspirational quotes, photography ideas and random doodles.

I spend my days... enjoying the little things in life, like having a coffee with croissants on Sunday mornings, discovering new places in the city and reading a very good book…


Blogs/Websites? Do magazines also count? If so: I love Kinfolk and Cereal Mag!

Books? A lot, actually! Me Before You (by Jojo Moyes), If I stay (by Gayle Forman), The Hunger Games (by Suzanne Collins), and Divergent (by Veronica Roth). My room is filled with lots and lots of books, I can’t really choose my favourites as that would be way too many!

Movies? Definitely almost every movie based on the books from Nicholas Sparks!

Foods and Desserts? Macarons… Yum! And pancakes, waffles and strawberries of course…

Instagram filter? None, I don’t use any filters.

Scent/Taste? I’m in love with the scent of fresh lavender.

Nunuco product? The Marble Notebook, I use it a lot to write inspirational quotes and random doodles!


City or beach? Beach, I love the scent of ocean, the wind in my hair and sitting in the sand… Definitely beach!

To-do lists or shopping lists? Both, I think. I use lots of lists, I mostly use to-do lists though!

Cooking or baking? Baking! I love to bake all sorts of cakes and pies (especially apple pie… yum!)

Planning ahead or being spontaneous? A little bit of both, as I like to plan important things (school, for example) ahead, but I’m very spontaneous with other stuff.

High heels, ballet flats or trainers? I think both ballet flats and trainers. I really can’t walk on high heels (even though I really wish I could, since I’m not very tall and I would love to be) but I do like to wear ballet flats and trainers because they are so comfortable.

Summer/Winter/Spring/Fall? Definitely Summer. I love the warmth, the flowers, sitting outside in the sun and eating ice cream – lots of ice cream.

Flowers or plants? Flowers! They’re all so gorgeous and they smell great. My favourites are Peonies!


My dream home... is in England and looks like a tiny cottage with a cute garden filled with lots of flowers. It would be very light with lots of books. It would be cosy, but also simple and there would be a lot of inspirational quotes hanging on the wall.

The ultimate dream holiday would be... in America, as I’ve never been to the USA before and I’d love to go to New York and walk in Central Park (of course I’d also take lots of photographs!).

My biggest dream is… traveling the world and go to lots of different places.

The perfect day out would be… going to a park and just sitting at a tree reading a good book.

Happiness is… being with family and friends and just enjoying all the simple things in life.

A quote I live by is… “Life is special, enjoy it one step at a time.”

If I could design a product, it would be... a notebook and look like something white and minimal, where you can write a quote a day, or a doodle a day in.