The Best of Dubai with Jenni Ukkonen

The Best of Dubai with Jenni Ukkonen

Originally from Finland, after five years in London and a year in Munich, Jenni Ukkonen is currently living in Dubai. We asked this Global citizen to share the best of Dubai. 
" Dubai is the best place for anyone looking to combine urban city life and soaking in the sun at the beach. The city mesmerizes you with it's over-the-top architecture, the variety in things to do from shopping in the biggest malls in the world to staying in the desert overnight and the never ending options in where to dine or simply where to grab a cup of coffee. One thing is for sure: you will not be left bored. "


The fashion in Dubai is somewhat affected by the weather that is hot all year around, but you also see people wearing jeans and leather jackets even in the +30 degree celsius weather - the things you do for style! There's no question about Dubai being a dream destination for anyone who enjoys fashion: the numerous shopping malls quickly redefine your idea of a "mall" (you cannot miss The Dubai Mall, the world's biggest and might I add, the fanciest mall) with pretty much any brand you can think of represented. You also find limited edition items, available only in the UAE, which can be pretty exciting for for people who find thrill in having something special in their closet.


Dubai is all about being the biggest, tallest, most spectacular in everything and the architecture is no exception. Downtown Dubai is filled with sky scrapers each taller than the next and of course, there is the world's tallest building, Burj Khalifa. I find the futuristic look of this city, which was built on desert land, really compelling and exciting.


Being a massive fan of coffee shops (they are usually the first thing I want to check out in a new city!), I have been excited to realise that the coffee shop scene in Dubai is having a moment. Besides various international coffee shops, you find so many unique local cafés with cool interiors and Instagrammable dishes - not forgetting the delicious coffee. Some of my favourites include Tom & Serg, Friends' Avenue Café, Arabica and The Brass. Enjoy!


Dubai is a massive city so the distances can be really long, but during the cooler seasons I love going for walks around areas like Jumeirah Lakes Towers and Dubai Marina: they are like little oases within the hectic city. I'll never get tired of the contrast of palm trees against sky scrapers, not to mention seeing some amazing yachts in the marina. If it gets too hot to be walking outside, I'll just pop into one of the cute cafés in the area for an ice latte to cool me down.