Top 3 Travel Apps

What would life be without adventure, right? When your next trip starts getting close, grab your passport holder and download our top travel apps to make sure the journey is smooth and stress-free.


Townske allows users to save, share, create and discover travel guides. The app is full of beautiful posts and all guides are made by locals and travellers themselves, which makes it perfect for finding the best hidden gems worldwide. Where ever you’re heading to, you’ll definitely find the most interesting places and acitivities to experience on Townske.

Travel Butler

Travel Butler will make you love the process of packing. The app prepares a customizable packing list that you can check-off item by item, taking away all the guessing and stress that usually comes with packing. It takes into consideration everything from the length of your stay to the weather, so you’re guaranteed to be on-point upon arrival. As a bonus, the app also gives you recommendations about interesting places and trending restaurants, bars & cafés.

Google Trips

Staying organized and getting the most out of your vacation is easy with Google Trips, which allows you to gather all of your tickets and plans into one place. You can make detailed day plans, save your flight and hotel details, get recommendations for nearby attractions and file your restaurant reservations. The best part is that the app is fully available offline, so you’ll be able to access everything even without wifi.

Now that you’re familiar with our top three essentials, here’s an additional few worth attention:
AllSubway - best for public transport worldwide
Bonjournal - the most chic travel diary app
Time Out - best for discovering current cultural events in the biggest cities