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 Victorias Cottage 04/16 

02 Apr 2016

A blog post "Why You Need Nunuco Design Co. On Your Desk" written by Victoria 

Why You Need Nunuco Design Co. On Your Desk

"Super feminine designs keep you looking and feeling organised and stylish, without trading in on any of the gorgeous girly-ness that is you.  I always think it’s tough trying to balance a creative professional image with pretty, feminine accessories, but Nunuco Design Co. nails it, regardless of what kind of woman you are.
    High Quality at High Street prices.  We all want that high end-designer look but, spending large amounts on stationery is not the wisest of moves for those of us who are balancing the books. Nunuco’s products are incredible quality, beautifully thick paper, vibrant ink and all at the price of the high street."
    - Victoria

    "Well designed products that make work and life more organised. The Kukkatarha Day Planner is not like your average diary.  Beneath it’s flower garden, linen cover you will find undated pages that are home to useful sections to monitor your water intake, prioritise the tasks for the day, and a handy ‘To Do’ List.  It’s the perfect size for a handbag too."

    "From the outside it looks like a beautiful, handbag sized notes pad.  But, it is so much more.  A very simple twist has been added that makes this my go to notepad for my bag and desk (I’ve got one in the car too.)  When you open the book up you are met with two sides, The first are sticky notes, and the other side is home to matching tear off sheets.  I love this.  The sticky notes can be transferred to my planner, to the phone table, can be left as a message to someone and the tear off sheets are perfect for shopping lists and notes. My absolute star product from the Nunuco Design Co. range."
    - Victoria