About Nunuco Design Planner

"I used the agenda last year as well and I don't think I can ever use any other agenda again. It has so much space to write and looks so beautiful + the stickers!" Eeva L.

— It all started in 2016 when we decided to create a practical calendar for everyday use, but which same time, is fun, colorful and unique. 

This is the story behind the Planner.


In 2016, when we noticed that the majority of agendas out there are a bit boring (if you don’t believe, you should visit a typical Finnish bookstore!). We wanted to create a practical agenda for everyday use, but which same time is fun, colorful and unique, without losing its functionality. Our goal was to add everything needed to make your agenda perfect - beautiful illustrations, space for notes, stickers, paper pocket... 2016 was the year we published the first Nunuco Agenda and 2017, 2018 and 2019 editions continued the agenda series. They both were super popular and quickly sold out! Just like before, the 2020 calendar is full of the newest watercolor artwork painted by our designer Kristiina plus there are two full pages of stickers to give your agenda a personal touch! 


"Love the calendar so much! It seems hard enough to last for the whole year. It is really pretty and there is enough space to write everything essential down." Johanna M. 

"I just LOVE my new calendar! Why should adults schedule making be boring? Colours make you feel more alive and althoug everything around us isn't always happy news, this calendar makes me forget all that for one minute everytime I look at it. Now that's a pretty amazing side effect for a calender if I may say." Karoliina S.

"I absolutely love this calendar. It’s the most gorgeous calendar I’ve ever seen! I love the fact also, that it has stickers in it so I’m able to customize my calendar to the fullest! Thank you for making such a stunning calendar! :)" Sofia W

"Absolutely love my new calender. And stickers with it are great! Could not be happier with it!" Laura V.